MedTablet - Mobile Point of Care

Allows Pharmacy to specialize in what it does best!

Allows Facility to specialize in Addressing Patient Care! MedTablet is a new approach that wirelessly communicates both on WiFi & Cellular networks patient healthcare information, including medication orders, between the pharmacy and any health care facility bi-directionaly.  This allows the pharmacy to fill prescriptions, then transmit the patient information and pharmacy data to the nursing facility.   Transmitting the pharmacy’s information to the facility allows the facility to manage it’s own medical records, including physician orders, MAR’s, treatment records, sliding scale insulin orders, direct care records, and host of other information.  It’s all on the Microsoft Azure Cloud and is backed up every 5 minutes.  And because it’s mobile your data is in the cloud so no carrying massive paperwork or worrying about connections going down.  Cellular will take over automatically if enabled.

MedTablet Personal - Patient Portal

MedTablet Patient Portal

is an Apple iPhone specific application that can be set up by the facility with restricted access to various patient information.   This information is restricted to only one cellular phone number with the limit of 2 patients (i.e. Husband & Wife).  It allows the responsible party limited access to their family members health care information.  It also allows the responsible party limited messaging to the care givers.

Helix Pharmacy Management System

ePrescription Processing Ready for Your Pharmacy Today

E-Prescribing is becoming the industry standard for pharmacies serving health care facilities. As an essential element in improving the quality of patient care, e-prescribing gives your customers the ability to electronically send accurate, error-free and understandable prescriptions directly to your pharmacy from their location. The Helix Pharmacy System is ready for e-prescribing today.  The Helix system is compliant with the NCPDP SCRIPT standard. Helix is ready now because RNA/Mobile MedSoft is current with the needs and trends of pharmacies and the markets they service.  In fact, because of our leadership and collaboration in the pharmacy industry, RNA/Mobile MedSoft was the only pharmacy management software developer to participate in the CMS pilot program for setting standards for long term care e-prescribing. While e-prescribing gives your customers the speed, accuracy and cost benefits of electronically sending prescriptions directly to your pharmacy, many of your customers may still have concerns about the expenses, usability, quality, technology and security of online systems.  RNA/Mobile MedSoft understands these issues, which means we use our expertise to make electronic prescription processing understandable, easy to use and comfortable for you and your customers. Along with e-prescribing, the Helix Pharmacy System handles:

  • User specific security levels set by systems administrator
  • Barcoding: refills, credits, RX and delivery verification, inventory control 
  • Therapeutic Formulary by Facility
  • Clinical and reimbursement edits during order entry
  • Clinical interventions
  • ICD10 diagnosis codes and AHFS drug grouping
  • IV and compound processing
  • Electronic inventory control
  • Pricing formularies can be customer or facility specific
  • Retail laser label/drug monograph